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Digital Document Management Solutions

Cutting-edge PDF, eSignature, OCR and document conversion solutions


RETHINK How you Manage Digital Documents

Organizations often struggle with document lifecycle management – this means dealing with complex and time-consuming paper tasks, outdated error-prone technology, confusing data regulations, incompatible solutions and much more. It’s never too late to save time, modernize your compliance, automate the tedious stuff and focus on the more important tasks with the market-leading PDF, OCR, eSignature and document conversion solutions. It’s time to get work done.

Tried and true

Solutions that build upon 20+ years of heritage focused on delivering value to millions of users, heralding top-rated reviews online.


Enjoy an intuitive Office-style interface that simplifies the learning experience with the user in mind.

Superior precision and accuracy

Deliver unmatched text recognition for documents with cumbersome content using the industry-leading and award-winning OCR.

Secure and compliant

Protect your organization from unauthorized access, vulnerabilities, and attacks with data-compliant solutions to keep sensitive data and confidential information safe.

Accelerate work and drive productivity

Enable your users to easily create, convert, edit, share and e-sign PDF files, driving significant efficiencies and providing advanced document security.

Automate today, scale tomorrow

Transform paper documents into actionable digital information to help solve your current challenges and meet your future business requirements.


The Biggest Benefits

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Streamline the paper-to-digital step

Embrace market-leading character recognition tools when converting the most complex of documents, saving your organization from time-consuming mistakes.

Shot of two happy young businesspeople enjoying working on a laptop.

Happier customers

Customers are increasingly expected to create, edit, and share documents on their portable devices. Eliminate paper or hybrid processes and bring faster time to completion without compromising the customer experience.

Smiling female entrepreneur sitting at her dining room table at home working on a laptop

Environmentally forward

Eliminate the use of paper and provide a fully digital experience for onboarding packages, legal documents, contracts and more. Some organizations require a drastic reduction of paper usage to fulfill targets on sustainability, whether self-defined or imposed by country laws.


Kofax provides the entire suite of document management for the workplace

Case Studies

What's Your Tomorrow?

Our monthly reports are quite sizeable, but Power PDF has no problem at all opening or saving these files quickly from any of our devices.
Andrew Stott
Technology Services Supervisor, Hall & Wilcox Law
Kofax Power PDF has been a breath of fresh air for us. I have no hesitation in saying that I believe it offers all the capability we require and is one of the most sophisticated PDF solutions on the market—and at a very competitive price.
Mark Campbell
IT Operations Manager, PPB Advisory
The value of Kofax OmniPage SDK is in the TorTalk product and the difference it makes for the user. For me, when I started using text to speech, I could increase my ability to take in information five-fold.

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